Hi there, I am Bill Metcalf and I have an exciting new program to tell you about that will help you Build Unshakable Walls of Belief in you, your products and services, and your organization. This is a sales, marketing, and customer service presentation that has grown out of my ability to harness the power of new technology.

Of course, for the past 12 years, as the Nation's TechnoMotivator, I have helped organizations learn to use new technology through provocative and entertaining keynote addresses. Now much has changed in our country regarding technology - but this much remains a constant - those organizations who are best at harnessing the power of new technology will have a considerable edge on their competition. So my TechnoShift Programs are still an ideal way to motivate your organization to embrace, understand, and profit from new technology. Please click on the TechnoShift Speaking Demo if you would like to see me in action talking about technology.

But, again, I also have a brand new program focused on sales, marketing and customer service that you have not heard about. Over the past several years, I have learned to use low cost multimedia technology to enable me to Build Unshakable Walls of Belief in you, your products or services, and your organization. I do this through penetrating interviews with the only people who really matter to you - your best customers, your Raving Fans - the people who love what you do.

I mean think about it. You do believe that customer endorsements and referrals are one of the very best ways to sell don't you? Of course you do. That's why we all long for great customer endorsement letters or one-liners from clients. But ask yourself - how good are you at capturing your own success stories. Look at your marketing materials - how current are your own endorsements? If you have them in a letter, did that letter come anywhere near close to describing the real value that you offered your clients? It is nearly impossible to capture it in a single page if your value-add is truly valuable.

And how powerful are the endorsements you have when they are just in print. Listen to a few of these sample Raving Fan Interviews I did for my clients and judge for yourself whether hearing endorsements in your client's own voice is more powerful than any letter you have ever gotten.


Although I have done some of these Raving Fan interviews on video tape, I record the vast majority of them right over the telephone which is hooked up to my computer, where I can then edit and produce these interviews into the multimedia formats that you can see streamed off of this website, or they can be shown in PowerPoint presentations, given to prospects on CDs, or even used as email attachments.

After interviewing hundreds of Raving Fans, I am now ready to offer keynote presentations on this exciting subject. Check out how I will create the most customized program you have ever had presented at your meetings! Imagine it. I will not come to your organization and tell you what some outsider thinks you should do to market more effectively, increase sales, or improve customer service. For each Walls of Belief keynote presentation, I will interview will interview 2 or 3 of your organization's Raving Fans. Or if you are an association, maybe they are the Raving Fans of some of your members. During my speech, I will share some selections from these Raving Fan interviews. In other words -- your best customers - your Raving Fans - will become the stars of my presentation. I will also share with the audience what to ask, how to ask, and how to capture these stories so that you or your members can be empowered to create Raving Fan endorsements for yourselves.

I will help your organization understand what they can learn from your best customers - how they like best to be marketed to, to be sold, and to be serviced. They will often tell you even more - how to find their brothers and sisters - other leads and referrals you had not thought about.

Of course, I did not become a marketing guru overnight. Frankly I don't have to be. What I am is a great interviewer and story teller. I will bring to your next meeting some special guests - your Raving Fans - they are the experts -- and I will empower them to -- not only speak at your meeting through my presentation -- but also continue to sell for you through the completed interviews I create that you can use.

You have NEVER had a keynote so customized to your specific group. If you want to see how I handle myself on the platform you can click on my TechnoShift speaking demo. You will get the same easy, humorous style that you see in my technology presentations, but now they will be combined with simply the best content you could possibly find - your own best customers telling you their stories through me.

Click on some of the example and then let's talk soon!

Bill Metcalf